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Tiger Beefmaster

What a cow this lady will make!! She is extremely deep bodied, deep flanked and has tons of dimension through her center! A huge boned easy keeper! This striped female is super calm and easy going too! Prime recip material!

Yearling Weight: 1000


Motley Face Beefmaster

Here’s a cool dark red motley faced Beefmaster female! She is a deep, soggy made heifer that you just really couldn’t design any better! 

Yearling Weight: 900


Here’s a unique yellow paint! She has excellent bone structure and muscle expression! Truly a nice female to add a little color to your momma cows!

Yearling Weight: 835




AA3606 - What a powerhouse Beefmaster female! She is extremely bold in her upper rib cage, laying the foundation for that massive top and tremendous internal capacity that follows! huge boned, big footed heifer that is packed with meat.  

Yearling Weight: 875

AA4141 is a solid quality right here in this big lady! heat tolerant, easy fleshing kind of cow, this is it! You can look for her to raise highly marketable offspring that are loaded with bone, muscle and excellent carcass traits. 

Yearling Weight: 950

KK4884 - Black Beefmaster heifer

This stocking legged milking machine will raise up some chunky, fleshy calves! Maintain your black calf crop all while taking advantage of the first class maternal traits of the Beefmaster! 

Yearling Weight: 800