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Bar B 7 - Y0185

Registered Beefmaster Heifer

BBU #: C1133283

This cool colored dunn female is the granddaughter of the typesetter Logan 62M27 and the pacesetter female “The Homestead U”! I love how clean she is from her shoulders forward and the undeniable femininity about her head and neck! She is extremely level and square in her design, thick made when you come in behind her and the full package on the profile!

Yearling Weight: 775

SRB Cleopatra - 4/26/2017
Bred to WPR's Atlas C1058632 who has a 14.28 REA.

4GF Gamblin Lady - 11/14/2017
Has bull calf at side sired by: MCK New Testament C1084744. Top 1% in 5 categories, 2% in SC and 10% in Marbling.