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Below you will find some of the breeders I recommend:

Raven's Rest Farm - Grant, FL.

PJ's Farm - Hernando, FL.

Luv' Em' All Acres - Branford, FL

Green Pastures - Hermitage, TN.

Bending Tree Ranch - Damascus, AR.

Fern Hill Fainters - Cross Plains, TN.

OverEZ Acres - Newalla, OK.

Rock N J Ranch - Millersburg, MO.

Buck Creek Fainters - Southern IN.

Breeders Beware!

Posted by Raven's Rest Farm:

5 goats listed below were stolen from Raven's Rest Farm in scam (Taken by Myron & T Stephens, Spring City TN. My-T Myotonics or High up on the Mtn.). Although all 5 were premium goats when taken, I am not responsible for their condition today. If anyone is considering purchasing Raven's Rest Savannah, I hope the people who stole her tell you she has double teats, prior to you paying top dollar for her. They were taken in October of 2009. Feel Free to Copy & Paste this information. Also, some of them have been registered with completely false information regarding their dates of birth and pedigree, by these people. Buyer Beware! (the registry is not the IFGA).
Raven's Rest Rictor
 Raven's Rest Karma
Raven's Rest Jig
Raven's Rest Savannah
Raven's Rest Sida