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Longhorn Semen

Circle K Donovan
65.75" TTT - One of the best Black & White bulls of his time!
Sire: Senator (Overwhelmer x Classic Reflection)
Dam: Signal (Bar M Don Abraham x Right Turn)
GM Rounders Hoss
78.875" TTT on 8/25/2018
Sire: Temptation's Red Rounder (Pa's Red Rounder x Lamb's Temptation)
Dam: Whatchathink (Yo Whirling Jack 1677 x K3 224)

HL Red Baron
74.75" TTT on 5/3/2017 - Hudson Longhorns/Neil Glasgow Partnership
HL Red Baron is a lead herd sire for Hudson Longhorns. He is a full brother to HL Cow Patty who sold at the 2013 Hudson/Valentine Sale for $65,000, after she won Grand Champion Heifer at the Winchester Futurity. His horns are enormous measuring 74 3/4 " tip to tip, and 99 3/4" Total Horn. His sire is Cowboy Chex and his dam is BL Patty Sue. His calf crops are outstanding, giving us the best color, conformation along with great horn over and above all other bulls we have used. He is the real deal.
JM Sue
76" TTT on 6/22/2011 - He is the most well known and advertised sons of VJ Tommie. Many of his offspring carry the beautiful lacey face with nice flat horn.
Sire: VJ Tommie "AKA Unlimited" (No Double x OT Superior's Droopy)
Dam: JM Mandy (Zhi-Rise x RS Lady White Sox)

JP Grand Marshall
8/12/2003 - 74.25" TTT on 10/10/2013 with both tips broken off (Approx 5.5") and 1800 lbs
One of the most elite total package blue roan bulls ever produced. A big flashy blue roan bull with striking white horns with black tips makes him a one of a kind that throws horn, massive body, crazy BLUE calves, and the sought after flat twist horn set. His off spring are the complete package. He is a 2009 Horn Showcase champion. Marshall is a bother to JP Rio Grande and the Great Maximus.
Sire" J.R. Grand Slam (Gunman x J.R. Sequential)
Dam: JKC Roancie (Overwhelmers Jack KCC x Jans KCC)

1981 - 64.5" TTT and 2005 lbs
Well known sire of Zhivago. Produces heavy thick bodies with a lot of bone, horn  & excellent dispositions, His daughters give abundant milk.. King sold at public auction in 1995 at age 14 for $8,700, the highest price paid for a natural service bull in 1995 of that age. Totally sound &  capable breeder into his teenage years. He sires tremendous sons & daughters. He has often been used on mostly white cows. For best results, use on cows with tight skin. He was one of the first Longhorns to reach mid 60" horns and is still competitive now even after his death.
Sire: Royal Mounty (Texan Lin x Archer #1)
Dam: Miss Texas Ranger 262 (Texas Ranger JP x Miss Alamo)
M2 Rifleman
5/22/2012 - 74" TTT on 7/1/2017
A powerful son out of Concealed Weapon (Over 84.75" TTT with broken tip) and Hubbells Rio Glory (Over 87" TTT). In the pedigree you will find multiple proven producers of horn, horn with twist, color, conformation, great milking dams and coming from these some of the All time great producing Herd Sires in the Industry. M2 Rifleman is proving his strength in the structure, conformation, color and horn set in his calves. Full Brother to 20 Gauge.
Sire: Concealed Weapon (Sharp Shooter 542 x Horseshoe J Example)
Dam: Hubbells Rio Glory (JP Rio Grande x Hubbells Morning Glory)
MMW Gorilla
4/12/2007 - 77.25" TTT on 3/23/2017 and nearly 2000 lbs
Total package, color, body, & horn over 77.25 ttt he is nearly a ton of pure muscle.
Sire: Watson 171 (Watson 83x Delta Sandy)
Dam: Delta Van Horne (Dixie Top Deck x Delta Vixen)
3/13/1990 - 56" TTT
He is believed to be the tallest & longest, black Texas Longhorn bull in the industry. His 56" make him one of the biggest horned, black bulls. He does many of the same things for his progeny that Don Quixote did, except he sires more height, length & horn. He has the small ear, trim underline & the big bold Mexican appearance. Quill sires about 40% brindle & speckled calves & over 60% black or black speckled calves. Many are using Quill as an antidote for lighter colored smaller genetics. His most famous daughter is over 70" Sarasam, the widest horned black base cow in history.
Sire: Lockhorn (TVR Hot Shot x Better Yet)
Dam: Choya (Don Quixote x Bandera)
RFR Jessie James
12/27/2009 -
Sire: WS Jamakizm (Shadowizm x Jamoca)
Dam: 86-DH Upper Lady (Upper Ranger x JDH Lady in Red)
Salida Slick
1/1/1997 - 64" TTT and 1780 lbs
One of the best sons of Gunman, This is a strong pedigree. He was All Age Grand Champion at the "Heart Of The Rockies Show 1998" and has produced Horn Showcase winners AND show winners. Crosses excellent on mostly white cows!
Sire: Gunman (GF G-Man x Sizzle)
Dam: JR Pristine (JR Rangago x JR Peanut Butter)
4/30/1986 - 58.06" TTT and 2070 lbs
The Total Package Bull. In the last 15 years more semen sold annually from Senator than any other longhorn bull. He tops the list of sires for the fastest gaining progeny in the breed. He has the privilege of being the sire of both great sons & daughters. Although his body color is mostly dark red, He is well known as a sire of beautiful rich color. Many of his daughters weigh 1200-1500 lbs. Senator is the most proven complete package of all the different qualities sought after in the Longhorn business. Senator daughters are loved for their thrifty condition during good or bad seasons. His most famous son is The Shadow who has 64.5" horns and weighs 2050 lbs. He will increase full rounded hip muscle size more than any other bull.
Sire: Overwhelmer (Cowcatcher x Doherty 698)
Dam: Classic Reflection (Classic x Alma II)
The longest horned son of Overwhelmer. He is a 1/2 brother to Senator and sire to Super Bowl.
Sire: Overwhelmer (Cowcatcher x Doherty 698)
Dam: She's A Super Lady (Measles' Super Ranger x Texas Arby)
The Shadow
6/6/1991 - 65" TTT and 2050 lbs
One of the best producing black bulls possessing excellent hip and great thickness. He is a beautiful blend of 3/8 Butler plus Ranger and WR. Use him for black, horn, height, length, disposition, milk, and size. His best sons are Mile Marker and Shadowizm. He sired the longest horned 5 year old steer in history at 96" T2T, Shadow Spear. He sired the first Longhorn female to be over 80" T2T on her 7th birth day, Shadow Jubilee, voted Ultimate Cow in 2011 and soon to be 90". He has 28 sons over 60" T2T.
Sire: Senator (Overwhelmer x Classic Reflection)
Dam: Good Friday (Dakota Kid x Bellaire)