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Some people pay tons on money for a sign to go out by the road to advertise their farm or business. Can you tell me the last time you noticed a sign while driving down the rd? Me either but I have a solution for you, you put one of these guys to work for you out front and I guarantee you will slow traffic! Plus it is a tax write-off! 

Date of Birth:3/27/2016
Description: Brindle roan RFID# 840 003 143 781 785
Breeder:Hoosier Longhorns
PH #: 16/2
Reg #1: SI66107*

Young Steers! 
Trophy Prospects or freezer beef
Group of 6 longhorn steers. Grass fed and ready to go. Longhorn beef is naturally lean and healthy with outstanding flavor. $1000 ea or $850 ea if you take 3 or more.

Sale Pending