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Haltoms Rodeo Rita - 6/1/2014
62" TTT on 4/1/2020

BCR Isabella 500 – 2/1/2015

72” TTT on 2/19/2020

Here is an own daughter of One Star Command (composite horn showcases winner) and ECR Reign Of Castle, 91.5” TTT and well into the 100s in TH. Isabella is bred to an El Coyote bull “OLMOS CREEK ECR” that brings in ECR Houston Tari. She has a show prospect steer at side out of Van Horne Texa.

Different For Girls - 7/3/2015
54.25" TTT on 4/1/2020

DK Roulette Winner - 5/6/2016
57.5" TTT on 4/1/2020

Blackie 79/6 - 6/10/2016
Angus calf at side
exposed to EV Zorro

GW Dreamer - 02/09/2017
ITLA# 273469
50.5" TTT on 4/1/2020

Second Star on the Right - 12/26/2018
Horns: 52" TTT; 14.5" Base (11/09/2020)
TLBAA # CI324155*
A silver cream Texas Longhorn heifer sired by a tremendous bull Starbase Commander (72.2" TTT, 92" Total Horn, 17.5" Base) and out of a cow with tremendous horn genetics in her pedigree, Winnie Outshines the Stars (81.75" TTT, 106.75 Total Horn, 12: Base). This is one of the prettiest colored heifers I have seen the way she glows in the sunshine. This color is extremely rare. Right now Second Star’s horns are growing flat out and have a very good projection – into the 80’s TTT. I think she is beautiful. She is a real sweetheart. She is confirmed pregnant to Wild Frontier Star for her first calf. Time will tell what color this breeding will result in. (Picture taken 11/07/2020)

M.C. Ginny - 5/17/2018
Very correct, feminine, and flashy dark walnut colored Cowboy Tuff Chex daughter.

7D Blazing Sunset - 2/28/2018
49" TTT on 4/1/2020

HCC Tucson - 3/14/2018
38.25" TTT on 5/31/20

Nice N White - 4/20/2018
52" TTT on 4/1/2020

So Free
DOB: 5/6/2018

DK Free Ante - 9/10/2018
37" TTT on 4/1/2020

BCR Raining Grace 917 – 5/26/2019

40” TTT on 7/9/2020
33.25” TTT on 4/28/2020

A stunning red and white paint with a beautiful blazed face. She’s an own daughter of Swagger BCB, over 78.25” TTT and BCR Regarded Grace, 111” total horn 72” TTT. Grace is a well structured heifer out of one of Bull Creek Longhorns best cows and she’s starting to get a beautiful twist in her horns!

BCR River Wild 909
DOB 4/8/2019
Striking embryo heifer. Pretty much perfect frame and muscling. Black horn. Extremely well bred heifer with an absolutely beautiful full body and black horn that are just starting to grow out.
Tip to Tip 40" 9/12/20
Tip to Tip 38.5" 8/20/20
Tip to Tip 30.5" 4/28/20

BCR Patsy 921
DOB 6/16/2019
Striking heifer. Extremely well bred heifer with an absolutely beautiful full body and horns that are just starting to grow out.
Tip to Tip 42.125" 9/10/20
Tip to Tip 37.625" 7/9/20
Tip to Tip 29" 4/28/20

D/O Im a Contender - 7/5/2019
Her dam has twisty horns 85” T2T. She has a bull calf at side by D/O Contender.

Brindle Girls Rule - 7/12/19

Clear Hope - 3/14/20

Free N Clear - 3/21/20

Halo Chex - 7/11/2020