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Beefmasters Excel Due to Six Essentials

Beefmasters are completely unique in that they are the only beef breed with a guiding production philosophy. These principles are called the Six Essentials, and they give us road map by which to maximize production efficiency and improve our cattle. We talk about the Six Essentials a lot, but what do they really mean?

Disposition—Gentle cattle are cheaper to manage, sell better, breed better, feed better and calve easier.

Fertility—This is the first among equals and the cornerstone of the philosophy. Cows that do not have a calf every single year are not economically viable.

Weight—Of obvious importance—ranchers sell pounds. Weight is another highly heritable trait. We select for cattle that produce optimum (not necessarily maximum) weight with minimum input.

Conformation—This refers to the visual appraisal of a live animal with regard to carcass merit. We select for long, trim, well-muscled bulls, and smooth, feminine cows that meet industry demands.

Hardiness—It is critical for cattle to be able to thrive under tough conditions. Beefmasters excel in calf livability, low death loss, low maintenance costs and resistance to disease and parasites.

Milk Production—Next to genetics, milk production is the single most important factor in weight. When asked to describe the perfect cow, Tom Lasater said, “She’ll look like a cow that gives a hell of a lot of milk.”

Breeders sometimes ask, “Why Beefmasters?” It’s an important question because these wonderful cattle often don’t get enough credit for all the subtle things they do so magnificently. Following are a few of the things that make Beefmasters truly unique in beef cattle production.

On the Ranch
  • Low-maintenance females
  • Gentle and responsive handling
  • Excellent mother cows
  • Heat, disease and insect resistance
  • Longevity
  • Built-in heterosis
  • Outstanding replacements

In the Beef Chain
  • High weaning weights
  • Fast-growing yearlings
  • Low sickness and death loss
  • Incredible feed conversion
  • Long-feed efficiency
  • Grade and yield
  • Lean, tender and tasty BEEF

If you are a grass-based rancher who likes thrifty cattle that raise profitable calves in any climate with a minimum of attention, Beefmaster is the breed for you!

503 - DOB 4/28/2019
Homozygous Polled
12/30/20 Weight-1400
High Selling bull at LA Cowboy Classic, This guy is pretty amazing!
Semen available soon! 

SCR Stitch - 3-19-2018
Red Mottle Face
BBU# C1107463
Photo at 20 mo of age
A super nice young son of MR CJ (CF DR LOVE x CJ'S QUEEN OF SOUL) and out of a BLACK JACK daughter!

4GF Gamblin Lady - 11/14/2017
Has bull calf at side sired by: MCK New Testament C1084744. Top 1% in 5 categories, 2% in SC and 10% in Marbling.

SRB Cleopatra - 4/26/2017
Bred to WPR's Atlas C1058632 who has a 14.28 REA.