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Super nice Spanish bucks available

Neely Sawyer Buck 906
3 yr old - Performance Tested
I don't know where you could find a better buck. He will take your herd to the next level. This guy was used last year at the Neely Sawyer ranch with excellent results, he was one of the top in his group on the performance test gaining over .5 pounds per day! If you are trying to produce some of the best Spanish goats this guy will certainly help your herd. Registered with the Spanish Goat Association.

Registered Longhorn:

Haltoms Rodeo Rita - 6/1/2014
62" TTT on 4/1/2020
63"  TTT on 11/4/2021
This a a very nice Rodeo Max daughter that is gentle and a great milker! Bred to GUNSMITH 468 BCR!

Different For Girls - 7/3/2015
55.5"  TTT on 11/4/2021
54.25" TTT on 4/1/2020
Bred to GUNSMITH 468 BCR

Blackie 79/6 - 6/10/2016
53" TTT on 11/4/2021
Sire: DON QUIXOTE SPEAR E 113 - B286
Dam: REBS STAR - CI265124
exposed to Gunsmith 468 BCR
Darden Tn.

The Boys:

Gunsmith 468 BCR
71" TTT on 11/4/2021
DOB: 12/1/2014
Big Bodied bull that puts color and size on his calves and look at that pedigree! Gentle.

Bull - April 28 2021
Sire: D/O Contender
Dam: D/O Im a Contender

Bull - Sept 2021
Sire: Cowboy Prospect
Dam: BC Miss Awesome

Bull - 7/26/21
Sire: BC Awesome Mesquite
Dam: BCR Raining Grace


Possible Delivery available!

We occasionally take items in on trade. Things of interest:
Trackhoe, Tractor attachments, Skid Steer, Flat bed trailer, Aluminum or Steel Stock Trailer, Steel Pipe, Handling Equipment, Fencing, 4-wheeler, Good Quality Hay, etc.