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Super nice Spanish bucks available

Neely Sawyer Buck 906
2 yr old - Performance Tested
I don't know where you could find a better buck. He will take your herd to the next level. This guy was used last year at the Neely Sawyer ranch with excellent results, he was one of the top in his group on the performance test gaining over .5 pounds per day! If you are trying to produce some of the best Spanish goats this guy will certainly help your herd. Registered with the National Spanish Goat Association.

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Registered Longhorn:

$1800 for both
Haltoms Rodeo Rita - 6/1/2014
62" TTT on 4/1/2020
63"  TTT on 11/4/2021
Brindle bull calf at side by Red Bull
This a a very nice Rodeo Max daughter that is gentle and a great milker! 

Different For Girls - 7/3/2015
55.5"  TTT on 11/4/2021
54.25" TTT on 4/1/2020
Bred to GUNSMITH 468 BCR! What a nice cow and look at her daughter below!

GW Dreamer - 02/09/2017
ITLA# 273469
50.5" TTT on 4/1/2020
Bred to GUNSMITH 468 BCR

9 Registered black longhorn due to start calving Christmas!

RO Santa's Coal 89 - 2/17/2019
Exposed to Awesome Mesquite! A super gentle Awesome Alamo grandaughter and horns like her sire!

PT Blackberry Brandy - 3/10/2019
This nice young black heifer comes from a pure grulla bull and a grulla and white cow. She has a very good disposition, good body, and good horn. Exposed to EV Zorro.

Crush That Sniper - 6/10/2017
Exposed to EV Zorro

Star Sniper - 4-23-2018
Exposed to EV Zorro

Blackie 21/8 - 4/5/2018
Exposed to EV Zorro

Black Ice 18 - 6/21/2019
Exposed to Awesome Mesquite!

Ranger Crush - 4/9/2010
Gentle cow FOUNDATION breeding at its best, Here is a chance to own a Fielder daughter the should be bred back to EV ZORRO

Crush - 3/8/2004
Nice gentle cow currently exposed to EV Zorro!
Fantastic pedigree bred by Semkin Longhorns! Dont let her age scare you she still has several babies to come, most longhorn cows produce past 25 years old and the calf at side will bring you a lot of your money back in a few months!

Blackie 66 - 6/19/2019
Exposed to Awesome Mesquite!
just look at her grand sire the great DON QUIXOTE SPEAR E 113

HCC Tucson - 3/14/2018
38.25" TTT on 5/31/20
Bull calf DOB 4/20/21 by Red Bull. 
Bred to GUNSMITH 468 BCR

7D Blazing Sunset - 2/28/2018
49" TTT on 4/1/2020
She is a great mother and milker plus she has a nice bull calf at side by Red Bull

Nice N White - 4/20/2018
52" TTT on 4/1/2020
What a great young cow and has a heifer calf at side by Gunsmith, what a great opportunity!

SALE PENDING $1600 for the Pair
DK Free Ante - 9/10/2018
37" TTT on 4/1/2020
61"  TTT on 11/4/2021
Bull calf DOB 4/26/2021 sired by Red Bull
Bred to GUNSMITH 468 BCR

Brindle and White heifer
DOB: 1/31/21

Sire: Concealed Sniper
Dam: JBK Brownie

Brindle and White heifer
DOB: 4/4/21
Sire: Concealed Sniper
Dam: Parkers Dragonfly

The Boys:

Olmos Creek ECR x BCR Isabella 500 bull calf born 3/22/21

Bull - April 2021
Sire: D/O Contender
Dam: D/O Im a Contender


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Trackhoe, Tractor attachments, Skid Steer, Flat bed trailer, Aluminum or Steel Stock Trailer, Steel Pipe, Handling Equipment, Fencing, 4-wheeler, Good Quality Hay, etc.